Red Letter Days

With Andy Neal 

Have a fishing Red Letter Day with Andy Neal! 

Fishing Personality, Match Winner & International, spend a day with Andy to experience what fishing is really all about. 

It's about understanding the water, understanding the fish, getting the bait presentation to suit the environment that you’re in! It's about the banter, the stories, enjoying nature and the excitement of the catch.

From 'I've never been fishing in your life' to 'I need to get to the next level', with Andy's knowledge of tackle, bait, and the industry, he will be able to tailor the day to suit your age, personality and skill levels to make sure you have the best day's fishing possible.

This new service now offers you the chance of a days fishing on a venue, target species or tactics of your choice.

There is no set criteria, you call the shots!  You could be a budding matchman wanting to fine tune certain aspects of your angling, or just fancy doing something a bit different but don’t know where to start. A river barbel, winter grayling, bream at distance or match fishing tutorial… the list is endless but tailored to suit you.

Get in touch with Andy to have a chat. Tailor a day that would give you the complete experience that will make it a Red Letter Day day to remember.

‘A Red Letter Day experience is something everyone should have. Enjoyment, fulfilment and success is all part of it. Hopefully, I can help achieve that.

For me, as an individual, it was always about understanding methods, baits and surroundings that helps me focus and catch more fish. Having the comfort of knowledge therefore increases the enjoyment as you understand your surroundings, the fish and  how they live and feed.

 But, that’s just me of course, what about you? Do you get enough enjoyment from fishing? Can I help you achieve more?

My Red Letter Days are there to help in any way that achieves your goals. Covering every aspect of coarse fishing across any type of venue!’

Andy Neal

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